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EPDM Installation Options

Fully Adhered systems are ideal for roofs with unusual or odd- shaped contours, while providing exceptional longevity and wind performance. Once positioned over the substrate, the back of the membrane and the substrate are coated with bonding adhesive, allowed to dry, carefully rolled back into position and swept into place.

  • Battened-Seam system provides exceptional strength and integrity on applications where 7.5' (2.3 m) or 10' (3 m) wide membrane is used.
  • Batten Cover Tape systems use large sheets of EPDM membrane – up to 50' x 100' (15.2 m x 30.5 m) – for large, open roof areas and appropriate decks.
  • Ballasted systems are perfect for installations where speed and economy are prime considerations, and the substrate is capable of supporting the system's dead load. Insulation and membrane are loose-laid with the membrane fastened only at the perimeter.