Residential Roofing

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For a durable, reliable, and cost effective roofing solution for your home, patio, or garage, consider flat, rubber (EPDM) roofing. Unlike conventional roofing systems, EPDM roofs block the entry of water, wind, and other elements. Built to withstand extreme temperatures, weather, and fire, Broadback’s flat rubber roofing will protect, your home and your loved ones.


Roof shingles come in a variety of styles such as asphalt, wood, slate, composite and ceramic. What most people are commonly used to is fiberglass-based asphalt. Fiberglass shingles have a 15-30 year life expectancy. Most homeowners tend to choose fiberglass based shingles because they are one of the lower cost options. They come in a variety of styles, colors and are easy to repair. A newer shingle to the market is the laminated or architectural shingle. They are heavier and a little more expensive but much more durable than the traditional 3-tab design.


Residential metal roofing has gained more popularity over the last decade. Homeowners are able to upgrade their homes with a long lasting durable product with at least a 100-year life expectancy. It is one of the most energy efficient rooting materials cutting energy costs by up to 20%. Most metal roofing material is made from 95% recycled content. It can be installed over an existing roof eliminating the need for landfill disposal of the old roof. However the initial installation costs can be high and the metal may need to be painted periodically.


Slate and clay tiles offer a beautiful appearance with a life expectancy of over 100+ years. Both slate and clay are fireproof and slate has an extremely low water absorption, which makes it resistant to frost damage. Clay and slate tiles can be high in cost on initial install and require a special trained installer. There is however manufactures of composite synthetic slate and clay tiles if you prefer and most offer a 50-year Warranty.


Wood offers a beautiful natural rustic appearance. There are companies that now offer composite synthetic shingles and shakes to resemble real wood. These offer tire resistance and more longevity over their natural counterpart. The cost on initial install is about four times higher than that of asphalt shingles.